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Design, Create and Inspire

I am an experienced full stack developer with a focus on front-end that has worked in many different sectors. My passion lies in helping my customers to achieve the best solution for their customer needs. Creating a usable and user-friendly application is something that I find very important. That is why I also have a broad interest in UX and UI design, besides software development. Also a blockchain enthusiast.

  • Name:

    Max Sasssen
  • Date of Birth:

    15 March 1988
  • Languages:

    Dutch, English, Indonesian
  • Hobbies:

    Photography, Design, Cooking, Coding
  • Sports:

    Fitness, Running
  • Freelance:


What can I do

  • UX Design

  • UI Design

  • Front & Backend Development

  • DevOps

My development skills



















SQL Server





Educational Experience

Bachelor of Science (BsC)

HOGESCHOOL ZUYD / 2008 - 2011

Software Engineer/Informatica

Vocational Education (level 4)

LEEUWENBORGH / 2007 - 2008

ICT Manager

Vocational Education (level 3)

LEEUWENBORGH / 2004 - 2007

Assistant Manager ICT

Working Experience

Senior Front-end & Back-end Developer

Loyalis /APG / June 2017 - current

Loyalis is a specialist in income protection and retirement benefits. They help you to protect you from the financial consequences of unexpected events that affect your life. By offering income insurance such as a disablement and survivor's insurance and supplementary pension. Hereby I had the responsibility to give advice in the front-end process and was one of the developers (Angular, AngularJs, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, MVC, C# , webApi). We work in an AGILE SCRUM DEVOPS environment with a team of 12 persons.

Senior Front & Back-end Development / UI Designer

Akkermans en Partners / May 2017 - June 2017

Akkermans & Partners develops applications and systems used for pension, financial management and WFT consulting. Hereby I had the responsibility to lead in the front-end process, I was also a primary contact point for Front-end related issues (Angular 4, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript) and had te pleasure to coach the other developers. Also did some backend programming (C# webApi2) and some Azure related settings.

Senior Front-end Develop/ UI Designer

Wigi / Nov 2016 - May 2017

Developing serveral applications that connects customer, supplier and manufacturer on one independent platform for the catering industry. This application will not only simplify purchases and sales, but also more effective. I was responsible for the front-end development team and some ux/ui design. Angular 1.x & 2.0, webpack, eslint, npm, git, atlasian stack, java, karma, sass, css3, bootstrap, material design

Front-end Developer (Angular)

DeRoostermakers / Oct. 2016 - Nov. 2016

Developing a dashboard for the gouvernment in serveral different regions. The dashboard uses the public transport data to show several actual data like the possisions of the busses, statistics and delays. Angular 1.5, webpack, browsersync, eslint, npm, karma, OpenLayers

Requirement, UX-design & Software engineer

Medtronic / Sept. 2015 - Sept. 2016

A major integration project in which I was responsible for mapping the requirements in combination with the existing legacy process, UX (balsamiq), development (C#, SSRS, SSIS, HTML5, CSS3, KnockOut, Durendal) and hyper care. I also introduced DevOps here.

UI/UX-design, Software design, DevOps & Software development

Aevitae / Mar. 2015 - Sept. 2015

Making an initial UX/UI designs, creating the architect foundation of the front-end en back-end (angular/ C#), DevOps (TeamCity, Octopus, Hipchat, new Relic, Google Analytics), leading a team of 4 developers (SCRUM) and developing of the online care choice application.

Angular & .NET developer

Deutsche Telekom / Apr. 2014 - Mar. 2015

Developing of a Speedtest web-application for a customer in Engeland. Bringing requirements in scope (in London) and following the SCRUM principal of daily contact through VOIP. The webapplication is made in Angular en C#, hosted on Azure and used a GIT repository. http://speedtest.t-online.de

Front- & Java backend development

Engie (Cofely) / June 2013 - May 2014

Developing multiple projects within Engie. Like the e-navigator: the Energy Navigator calculates the ammount of electriciy, gas and hot/cold water that goes through the main meters. The numbers will be mapped with the weather condition based on the services of KNMI and the properties of the building. The application can give advice how to decrease the energy based on the usages on the main meter and the building properties. This application is developed in o.a. Java ee7, Hibernate, Spring, JPA2

.Net development

Heuts / Oct. 2012 - Jun. 2013

The “Product Information Management” (PIM) software keeps all the product information of Heuts in a central place. This application sends these information through various other sites. Technique used: ASP.NET MVC 3, RavenDB, Rabbit MQ, SCRUM, AGILE

Software Engineer

Others / Nov. 2011 - Oct. 2012

Diverse small projects

Trainee informatica

APG / May 2011 - Nov. 2011

As internship trainee I have mapped the business processes and subsequently supported the process with digital solutions / own made software. (.NET, BPMN2, MVC, EF).



I am capable to execute the following services

UX/UI Design

A good design is Innovative, Aesthetic, Honest, Unobstructive, Long-lasting, Environmentally friendly, as Little design as possible, Thorough down to the last detail, makes a product Useful and Understandable

Front-Backend Development

A professional developer is not only focussing on the techinique but is also focussed on the code quality, customers satisfaction and gives advice.

Project Manager

Project management is the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria.


Creating an application is one, but creating a whole development process from requirements to production is a skill that is more and more required as a full-stack developer.

Graphic Design

Designing logos and business card is one of my hobbies

Recent Blog

A blog is merely a tool that lets you do anything from changing the world to sharing your ideas

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